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I'm getting ready to rewire my 66 and I've been studying the Ford Wiring Diagrams before I get started. I have a couple specific questions regarding the ignition switch and starter relay that I was hoping someone could help answer.

1. The ignition switch seems to have 4 wires:

Yellow - Main power from battery to the switch
1st Red - Traces back through the neutral safety to the starter solenoid. I presume this energizes the coil to engage the starter relay.
2nd Red - Traces back to the ignition coil
Green/Black - Powers the fuse box.
Does the Green/Black get powered in both the On position and Acc Position of the switch?

2. The second question relates to the relay. As I mentioned above one red wire powers the relay coil. However in following the schematic the second red wire from above goes to the coil but also branches and then goes to another post on the starter relay where it seems to pick up power if the relay is engaged. I can't figure this out at all. What would be the purpose of that additional wire on the relay.

Any thoughts would help. Thanks.
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