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'66 "K" Coupe Driveshaft

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A question for the wiser of us - Is there anything special with the driveshaft for a '66 "K" coupe? Will any driveshaft work? The car I have is missing the driveshaft and I am unsure of what I should be looking for. Thanks,
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Because it has the larger 9 inch rearend the driveshaft was a little shorter and had a different yoke compared to the 8 inch rear
Paul - Are you saying the driveshaft from any 9" mustang should work? I am kind of new to this so you have to lead me by the hand! Thanks,
There are two K code driveshafts for 1966:
C5ZZ-4602-E, manual 2-3/4" x 49.70"
C5ZZ-4602-H, automatic with C4 2-3/4" x 51.06"
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