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I want to convert my manual top to a power top. What parts are required. Is this major labor? 1966 C code. Thanks


Mine already has a power top but just off the top of my head here's what I think you'll need

Conv top motor
LH hydralic arm
RH hydraulic arm
Conv top wiring harness
Conv top switch
tubes for hydraulics, fluid for hydraulics

Most parts vendors sell all these items. IIRC this topic came up in the old forum and the consensus was that it wasn't hard to do.

Good Luck!
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The labor itself is actually very easy. The worst part is bleeding the fluid. It can get messy if done wrong.
You'll need the motor/pump, mounting grommets, 2 lift cylinders, 2 chrome clevis pins, 2 hoses, switch, knob, bezel, 2 wire harnesses, fuse link.

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Here's an idea of what it takes. Kar Auto Group sells a 1965 to 1968 Power Top Conversion Kit for $849.95. They can do the conversion too. See their web site at:

Their kit includes everything necessary to convert your manually operated convertible top to a factory correct power top

Kit includes:

2 New Power Top Cylinders
1 Hydraulic Hose Kit
1 Power Top Switch
1 Power Top Switch Up/Down Bezel
1 Knob
1 Junction Block
1 Power Top Pump
1 Power Top Switch to Motor Harness
1 Power Top Feed Wire

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