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The engine is still running with a carb, I have been looking to upgrade to EFI in the somewhat near future, but I would like to see if the Holley Sniper / Terminator units can adjust timing or if I need to tune EFI and ignition timing separately.
The Sniper can adjust timing, however id say if your car runs great with the carb you should keep it that way, or at least go with another EFI unit since my sniper was not a big improvement vs my well tuned carb if you take in consideration all the trouble and money invested in that thing. Mine is now running good, but not great and i would still have to spend hundreds again to have it tuned professionally.

There is a lot of known issues with the sniper and i did experience some of them, its very frustrating since most of us buy these units to save the trouble of messing with a carb...

But, that is my personnal experience and i am sure there is some happy people with the Sniper on this forum as well :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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