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The coils are mounted to Holley LS3 relocation brackets which are mounted to the valve cover. The wiring harness for the coils connect to the main harness at the firewall, so it should make removing the valve covers and coil pack assembly fairly easy.

Tuning the ignition is simple, just connect a laptop to the DIS via the provided USB cable and you can set the ignition timing curve. You can also modify the timing curve based on the MAP and/or engine temperature. There is also step retard functionality if you're running a power adder, a two step limiter and you can tune the ignition timing per cylinder if you're so inclined. The DIS controller will also collect a limited amount of data for your review to help tune the ignition and you can easily tune the timing real-time / load different configuration files depending on what you're doing (e.g., daily driving vs the strip).

I haven't put the car on a dyno since I installed it, but the engine seems to pull harder through the mid-to high RPMs compared to the HEI distributor, but that could just be me trying to justify the price tag! The engine is still running with a carb, I have been looking to upgrade to EFI in the somewhat near future, but I would like to see if the Holley Sniper / Terminator units can adjust timing or if I need to tune EFI and ignition timing separately.
Appreciate your review on this. Your engine bay looks great!

If/when you switch to EFI, definitely interested in your experience with that, especially with this DIS setup you have.

Thanks again!

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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