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Jumped in with both feet, hands and even got the swmbo to lend a couple until I dropped a seat frame on her foot. DOH! /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif I figured I'd take a break, and make a post while she cools off a bit. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif I've got a small plan together, tell me if it sound realistic. It also gives me a whole week before the show, just in case there are any set backs.

Here's the plan,

Week (1)
* re-upholster & pad seats,
* Order carpet and sound deadener
* pull out old carpet, door panels, kick panels, package tray
* pull radio, steering wheel, gauges, glove box
* Repaint inner doors and dash
* re-install gauges, glove box, wheel, door panels
* Install new carpet, kick panels, sill plates
* Re-install seats

Week (2)
* Pull engine & tranny and detail
* Detail engine bay
* Re-install engine & tranny (new mounts)
* Rebuild Carb

Week (3)
* Pull all exterior trim & bumpers off
* Order more Parts to replace old trim
* sand & sand and more sanding on body
* replace hood
* Primer body and more sanding

Week (4)
* Align Body panels (doors, fenders, hood, deck lid)
* Finish up any last minute sanding and take to Painter
* Get back from painter
* Find a bunch of little problems with paint and take back to painter /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
* Clean up over spray from painter

Week (5)
* Replace trim & bumpers with new parts ordered in week (3)
* Install new weather stripping & seals
* add engine bay stickers, trunk mat
* Replace current rims with stock
* Start the detailing process

Week (6)
* Finish detailing the car
* Fix or replace any last minute stuff

Week (7)
* ENJOY driving a whole week before the show!!!

but I've found this to be soooo true. Ask my wife and she'll say FOUR times.
Go for it!

MustangSteve’s Law
Of Automotive Repair Or Restoration…

Any automotive repair or restoration project will cost twice as much and take twice as long as originally planned, even after careful prior consideration of MustangSteve’s Law.

You're an administrator. Set up a poll!

Unless you're taking time off from work I say it won't be done in time.

Not that I don't want you to get done in time. I really hope you do but everything has to go perfectly and you've already dropped a seat fram on SWMBO.

Good luck!

good luck it tuck me 3 days to do my seats and my hands didnt fell like sanding on a car for a wile . With swmbo you might make it if you dont drop anything elas on her LOL .

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Your project might be a little more ambitious than ours was.
If you go to the last Mustang of the Week, KAOS.
It went from the first photo, to middle photo, to completed in 90 days.
That's how the car earned it's name: 90 days of KAOS!
Included tear down, sandblast, engine rebuild, engine bay detail, bodywork, fiberglass, paint, wiring, addition of rear disks, sound system, new suspension, new exhaust...

You can do it!
Have fun with it though!
Week four seems iffy - relying too much on other people (painter) to meet your timetable - could be tricky.

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