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66 P/S Gearbox ID

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Am fixing to change the MS to PS in my 67 convertible and am changing the steering gearbox. Out of curiosity, I looked at the numbers on the gearbox in my 66 coupe. Since the PO pretty well assembled the 66 out of whatever parts were handy, I'm not sure if the gearbox I have is correct or not, manual or power. The numbers on the tag read:

5K 27B

My wife has said that the steering is sloppy for her tastes, and since I've had this gearbox rebuilt, as well as all the steering and suspension, I'd like to know if this is a power steering unit, or did PO use a manual. I haven't found a HCC AW in my catalogs, so I'm not even sure this is an original Mustang part. Thanks for the help!
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well, in my interchange manual, HCC-AW calls for a manual box used for 64-1/2 - 67 mustangs and 67 cougar with 16:1 ratio. hope this helps.

65 2+2, 289 (early A code), c/r toploader, magna suspension, centerline convo pros
The HCC AW steering box you have is indeed a box from a powersteering car. It is the 16:1 ratio at 3.73 turns stop to stop. It is identical to the HCC AX steering box that was used in the mustangs that had the quick steering ratio ie. GT's. The boxes designed as the standard manual steering have a tag that is HCC AT and is 19.9:1 ratio and 4 5/8 turns stop to stop. The other numbers on your tag (5K27B) indicate that your box was dated October 1965 (5k) the 27th on shift B (27B)
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