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Been a while for an update due to the front suspension s.n.a.f.u. The Heidt's suspension for a '66 Mustang won't allow for the ride height I wanted nor will it allow for a tire as wide as I wanted so......
The front frame was raised
the cross member halved and narrowed
the rack and pinion was cut and narrowed
the oil pan was shortened and the pan notch made deeper
custom motor mounts and trans mount
new front floor pans
new front torque boxes welded to steel plated inner rockers

Everything is ok now so on to the steering and making some new inner fenders to cover up the suspension. Starting to resemble a car again.
Trunk floor and fuel cell are finished

The motor and trans are now installed. Had to make some custom mounts using tubing and energy systems urethane bushings.

The new Wilwood master cylinder is attached to the factory pedal assy. and actually used the stock mounting holes.

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