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'66 radio dash repair panel...

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Has anybody used one of these? Seem kinda thin. Do they take a weld? No holes for dash pad retainers. Mebee I am better off just trying to repair holes drilled by tape installers decades ago. Any hints or suggestions (regarding the dash panel)?

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Hey there, I had the same problem. What I used on my 66 mustang was the plastic one first. The plastic one was kind of weak, so I used the two-side tape that sticks to pratically anything. I forgot the name of the tape, so. If you want the name of the tape give me a send private, ok. But anyways I installed one of the custom radio with the mustang emblem running along the tape insert. I think it was the USA #5. It has the optional hook-up for cd players if you ever want to add one in the future .It's pretty nice. The radio alone costed me about 250 bucks. But if you want to weld in a radio repair panel I would use the metal one. I haven't done it yet, but I plan onto in the future when I repair my whole dashboard. But whatever you do I wish you the best of luck.

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Looked at them but choose to use an original dash to get what I needed. Throught the material was much thinner (on the one I looked at) than the dash metal

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I considered using a patch panel, but as the dash was completely bare (like the rest of the wreck) I bought a donor dash and welded that in. Dickson

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a little work with a dremel tool and a bit of body putty by my talented son in law saved my dash.

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