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any updates ?
I have a similar problem...
Yes, I put on new shoes/hardware/wheel cylinders/drums properly. Adjusted drums to where they are just touching.
I was able to get the wheels to stop when up on jackstands.

Took out for a test drive, bed brakes. And then did some reverse stops to see if the adjusters would adjust themselves.
Adjusted the bias slightly to load towards the front.

During driving, I noticed that initial bite at speed on the brakes was good. But seemed to be a little lack luster under light braking (might just be me getting used to a new car) I haven't done and full lockup stops just yet to check.

The other thing I checked was vacuum. Looks like my cam is only giving me around 12 in at idle. But the brakes seem to operate. I'm considering either ditching the power booster or adding a vacuum canister. (I've heard them go both ways)

Regardless, in the event of an emergency stop... I feel fairly confident that I could get the car to stop. I'm going to evaluate this further, as I with the pedal was still firmer. I may need to rebleed the rears again.
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