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I'm selling my 66 red coupe, and thought I'd post on here first to give the mustang people the first chance. It's a 66 coupe, Red with Black interior, 6 cyl, with a C-4 Tansmisson. I'm fixing to put a diffrent Engine in the car. It has toom any new parts to list. But some of them are.

Water Pump
Master cly.
New Spark plugs, and Wires
Dual Clifford Header with complete new exhaust system (Nov. 2002)
Painted Ragoon Red (Aug.-Oct. 2002)
New Carpet
Floor Mats
Kick Panels
Outside Door Handles
All the Outside Light Housings (parking, tail, Reverse)
Rocker Panel Molding
Quater Panel Ornaments
Fender Emblems
Grill Molding
Gas Cap
Front and Rear Window Molding
Drip Rail Molding
Sony CD player (match the car)
Sony 6x9's (match the car)

I'm fixing to put a diffrent 6 cly in the car that runs Alot better than the one thats in it. It has a Holley carb, and will have a tune up before I sell it. Have all reciepts. I'm asking $6500. E-mail [email protected] for more info or pic's. Thanks
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