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66 Roof rail weatherstrip

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Hey there,

I'm in the proces of repainting my car and am now at the stage of preparing for rebuilding it.

My question is about the roof rail weatherstrip. When the headliner is installed, a metal gutter (for lack of a better word) is installed to the roof line with screws. In this metal gutter you are supposed to glue the weatherstrip on which the windows will rest when closed. I did it once before and wasn't pleased with the result.

First, should I first glue in the strip and then screw the complete gutter to the car, effectively pushing the screws through the strip? Or should you mount the gutter first?

Second, how do you glue that strip in? It has small edges that need to be tucked under the metal gutter. Last time I used a contact adhesive, so as soon as the strip hit glue, it was stuck. Maybe that isn't the best glue to use, but usually, when you use glue on only one part and you then push on the strip, it won't adhere properly, though it gives you the opportunity to tuck the edges under very nicely.

In conclusion, any tips on how to get that thing properly in are greatly appreciated.

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I just went through the roofrail w'strip install in my '69 S/R so the principal for your's is the same & the '66 owners will fine tune my response.I used seam sealer between the roofrail retainer & the body, screwed it up, & installed the weatherstrip dry to check how it lined up with the attaching screws.Push the weatherstrip carefully into the retainer with a small paint paddle,tucking those edges under the retainer.I did this a couple of times to make sure.The adhesive bit spooked me too so I started at the rear,applied the adhesive to both the retainer & the w'strip in 300mm sections & worked my way round.

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I used 3M weatherstrip adhesive on mine, except instead of following the directions (apply to both surfaces, cure to tacky, press together), I just applied it to the weatherstrip. That way, I could fine tune position before final "stick". Worked well, and the stuff's on there solid.

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