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66 Steering Gear ?

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(My first posting on the new board..woo-hoo)

Anyways, I rebuilt my steering box last summer and I still have considerable play in it. Is my next step to replace the 2 metal shafts that make up the steering gear? Do they actually wear that much or should I look for something else?

Thanks...just looking for tips.

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Can't help you there. I did recondition mine. I basically removed all of the existing steering gear lube, flushed with lacquer thinner, blew out with air, and repacked with new gear lube (thick stuff, huh). The key to getting the correct feel was adjusting the shaft bearing load and box adjustment. Must do with an inch-pound torque wrench and just follow the shop manual's instructions...

This is what lots of people will see...hehehe

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If evrything was in good shape, try adjusting the backlash in it. How's the rest of your linkage tie rods ect.. You might want to consider a new box from Flaming River, I've heard good news about them.

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I notice you don't have the key switch back do you keep the deck lid from flying up? Duct tape or bungee cord? Hee hee! me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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I'd guess the latch is still there, just not the tumbler (I'd guess that because that's the way my '65 project is right now). You just use a flat head screw driver stuck into the latch, and turn it like it was key.

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