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Well there must be a god out there! I was in town today and I ran in to the same older guy that was telling me about his dad's 66 Mustang with the "Tilt-Wheel". I got him talking about the car some more and asked him some other questions. Mainly about the "Tilt". He said that it wasn't a swing away, it just was a tilting column. The car could not be equiped with a ralley-pac because it would interfere with the dash/instrument cluster. I had not even mentioned anything about a "Rally-pac", he brought it up. He then said that he had been a mechanic for the Ford Dealer since 1962 , was 19yrs old when he started there. He told me about when the Mustang was introduced, just total "Mayham" in the dealership. His 65 was a Poppy red Fastback, Black int. 289 2v, 4spd, w/consule. He added the Ralley rims and a engine dress up kit later on. He had constant buyers wanting his car. Nothings changed hey!! Back to the other car now. I asked him where his dads 66 got to and guess what? He knows where the damn thing is!!!!!!!!! He saw the car 3 weeks ago in his friends carport covered in boxes and stuff.This other fellow bought it from his late father in 73. He gave me the address and the guys phone number, I have tryed the number a dozen times but no answer. I'm now packing up the truck, almost tempted to take the car trailor with me, to go up to Kelowna and track this person down. I've got my camera and check book in hand and as soon as I have pictures you guys will too!!!!
I would rather have car in hand though. Well i'm outta here. Talk to you folks when I get back. If any one didn't see the first post on this, it's on page 16 I beleive.
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