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The linkage on my 66 C-4 was seriously MM'd. I bought the new linkage rod, but I see that the plate it attaches to is sitting horizontal not vertical. I pulled the nut off the outside on the trans and the kickdown rod came right off, but the shift plate won't budge. Do I have to pull the pump and access something from inside, or am I just not pulling hard enough?
Also, the manuals seem to contradict themselves. On one pic, it shows the linkage rod connecting on the bottom of the plate, but on others it shows it on the top. Any ideas on this?

Any help will be defenitely appreciated.

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The shift arm should be pointing up. To remove the shift arm, you have to remove the pan, the filter, the valvle body, and the nut on the inside of the case that holds the shift arm in place.
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