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66' Who knows how to take out steering box?

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Hi Im joe and Im taking out the steering box on my 66 convert and would like to know how to do it if you could give me some direction I would appreciate it...

Thank you Mucho Joe C. Schorsch
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here is what I did (about a week ago) on my 65 coupe. Yours should be identical. I got most of this info from someone else (on the old board), so whoever it was, thanks again!

Remove the steering wheel and column (tube inside the car)
If A/C, remove compressor or get it out of the way
Remove driver's side exhaust at engine (header or manifold)
Pull plugs on drriver's side and get the wires out of the way
Remove driver's side shock tower brace
Loosen driver's side motor mount and jack engine up about 1 -2 inches
disconnect pitman arm (at centerlink, or at steering box)
Unbolt steering box, and lift it forward, and out between engine and shocktower

Good luck...

Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat
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I'm in agreement on everything but the spark plug wires, leave 'em. You should get a pitman arm puller and remove the pitman arm before you unbolt the gear box from the frame. Having the pitman arm off will make it much easier.

I became an expert on this swapping the box in and out MANY times on my early '67.

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I'd like to add that removing the front seat for me made the job easier plus it removed any chance of snagging the seat upholstery with the steering shaft. Of course, I didn't jack the engine up either so maybe if you go that route you wouldn't need to remove the seat.

Oh, and some auto parts stores like Kragen rent Pitman arm pullers for free.

Just another option,

Good Luck!

Dean T

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