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Hey Dan - Check out this month's Mustang and Fords Magazine. There's an article on suspension replacement featuring an early GT coupe that has the kind of exhaust tip treatment that I think you'd like. I know you want to eliminate those trumpets. This is a possible alternative.

There's also a nice letter to the ed from our buddy Dickson, too!

Glenn Morgan: 66 GT V-Burgundy Fastback 351w+toploader+9 in. TracLoc. Started out as a rusted-out Chicago-area crusher. After sacrificing a solid 66 coupe for its sheetmetal sub-assemblies, I have one solid (and expensive) work in progress!
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I'll definitely check it out! Now I've just got to find a news stand that carries M&F magazine.

I gotta do something about those trumpets before show season hits. The ass end of my Stang's looking a little silly right now!

66 Coupe, check her out at

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