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I am installing a Hurst comp. plus shifter on my big block 390 top loader tranny and the reverse rod hits the shifter when I put it in reverse.
do I need to cut the rod (like the instructions say) or is there another fix?
also 1st and 2nd gears don't feel right. not sure if this is coincedence or separate issue.
the tranny is not in the car at this time. I am trying to mock up the install to make sure everything works, but it doesn't
thanks for any advice

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That's typical for the aftermarket Hurst JT. You’ll have to cut it. The other problem is probably just an adjustment issue. Those things are the toughest shifter to get dialed in that you'll ever see.
Try shooting for a nice clear neutral gate and go from there.
If you get some all thread and bolt your bell housing to an engine stand and trans to it, you'll be in the best position to pre-adjust.
Once you know you've got it do this. Take the levers loose from the trans and plastic tie the slotted ends together.
Unbolt the big bolts and lay the shifter aside. Leave the adapter plate on the trans when you stab it.
Once you have it in the car slide the shifter in place and put the two big bolts into the control box finger tight only.
Now cut the plastic ties and bolt the levers to the trans and tighten completely.
Now stick your 1/4 inch plastic Hurst adjuster pin into the hole in the control box. After it's in and everything is aligned tighten the two big bolts. She'll be in perfect adjustment just like it was on the engine stand. Let me know if I can help with more info.

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