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Please reply direct to; [email protected] with your zip code for a shipping quote and any questions...

Complete 68 (w/289-302), working power steering set up. Gear box, pump, hoses, brackets, centerlink, tie rods, frame brackets, piston, control head and all nuts & bolts, $250.00

Red 68 center console, crack free exterior and very complete, less shifter and radio knobs. Even the has original mounting screws. Bar behind radio missing a 3 inch section but not visible. $325.00

Trunk lid torsen rods, $15.00
Trunk Hinges, coupe; $25.00 set
Tag light; $10.00
Trunk J-hook bracket; $15.00
Rear panel, center bracket; $15.00
Tank filler neck $8.00

Standard cluster; $15.00 (w/o bezel)
Rear wiring harness, nice; $40.00
Front headlight harness; $50.00
289 heads, early 65, stock/complete; $85.00
289 exhaust manifolds; $45.00 set
289 4V intake; $90.00

C-4 trans and converter. Worked fine when pulled; $125.00
Auto shifter, $40.00
Shifter bezels; $20.00
C4 shifter rod; $25.00
Bell cranks; $20.00
Shifter area patch (sectioned 4+ inches around hole); $35.00
Trans cross members; $25.00

Emergency brake handle assembly(inside); $25.00
Rust free shock towers; $60.00 ea.
Tower braces; $15.00 ea.
Spring covers; $25.00 ea.
Lower engine cross member; $25.00, w/bolts; $30.00
Strut rods; $15.00 ea.
Strut rod brackets; $35.00 ea.
68-V8 ft. spindle/drum assy.; $35.00 ea.
6 cyl. spindle/drum assy.; $20.00 ea.
V8 frame motor mounts; $40.00 set
Ft. core support w/lower crossmember; $75.00

V8 Coil springs $15.00
V8 equalizer bar $15.00
6 cyl. motor mounts; $25.00 set
250 6 cyl., rebuilt w/low low miles $550.00
Drive shafts, 6 cyl. $25.00 / V8 $45.00
Fresh air box, plastic vent type; $25.00
Heater box; $55.00
Heater controls (nice chrome) $40.00
68 Seat belt set, black, very nice condition, standard, complete w/bolts-washers, $125.00

Complete A/C system, everything needed to do a changeover... Inquire???

Window regulators; $20.00 ea.
Door latches; $20.00
Coupe door glass; $20.00. tinted $60.00
Tinted quarter glass $25.00
Front glass, tinted/nice $100.00 (I belive it's a Carlite)
Coupe rear glass; $30.00 , Tinted $60.00

67 Front pass. seat, complete (blue/nice);$80.00
Seat tracks; $20.00 set
Coupe rear back seat top, black/nice $25.00
Cowl panel top $225.00
Coupe headliner bows; $30.00

67 Grill, horse, center and bars (good driver cond.); $55.00
Hood latch support $25.00
Lower ft grill filler panel(repro) w/3 orig. brackets; $40.00
Front window chrome, 5 piece set, no dents/scratches $75.00

67-8 Flat hood, no rust, $100.00 (MD pick up only)
2 Turn siginal inserts. w/lights,grills and wiring harness/clips $90.00
Left "A" pillar; $40.00 Right; $40.00
Behind door, striker post; $40.00ea.
5 lug 14x5 steel wheels; $20.00 ea.

80,000 ORIGINAL mile, 302-4V "J" code enging/trans. In car. Can hear run and drive. Never apart, carb to oil pan (less A/C pulleys, brackets, P/S pump and fan)...$1,400 for both

68 Cougar rear wiring harness, control box and tail lights in very good condition $225.00

Photos available

All parts + shipping from 20601.

Please reply direct to [email protected] with your zip code for a shipping quote and any questions...

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I'm possibly interested in the A/C. I've got a 67 coupe where the previous removed (and discarded) everything on the engine side of the firewall. Need it all (except compressor which I'll get locally). Can you send list of components, pics and what you are asking for it all?


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I have a 67 mustang fastback, and I want to convert it to power steering. Do you have a power steering conversion kit for it? If so, how much for it and shipping? My zip code is 93420. You can e-mail me directly at [email protected]
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