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Was on my stang when I got it, but not what I need for my turbo motor. New(ish) from about the transmission back, and original (but solid) up to the exhuast manifolds. This is is in really good shape, still looks almost new for the most part. Has some kind of "turbo" mufflers, no H or X pipe.

Came installed on my 67 project car, with a 289 and c4 transmission. Has turn downs that go under the rear valance, which may need a little tweaking to get perfectly symetrical. I would suggest putting this on a 67-8 with a sbf and auto tranny, or taking it to the exhaust shop and have them hook it up to whatever you got, wether it be something with headers, a straight 6, etc.

Will trade for an autometer ultralight electric water temp gauge, or gas level gauge, 2 1/6", in brand new condition ($50).

Pickup only. If you have a car with the same specs you can drive it to my house and I will even help install it on your car (So you dont have to worry about transportation). You must remember that these are really long, but I can cut them in half for you and a muffler shop will weld them back together for cheap I am sure.

Anyone who is serious (ie you can actually come get it!) I can send you pics in the next day or two.
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