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A Great Thank You for helping us Mustang Owners keep our ponies going. I am a big Fan of the 67-68 Fastback. More so of the 67. I have seen many parts that we dreamed of for 67-68. The upper and lower Consoles to begin with. I dont know how high and low I looked. Next thing I know, certain parts are being carried. There is one particular one I am seeking. When a 67-68 had A/C, The convience group could still be ordered. It was mounted on the front plate of the Console whether Auto or Std. I would like to see that come out complete with wire harness.
The 68 Coupe/Fastback had a rear defogger. The panel on both is unique as it allowed to clear the fog off it and driver could see. I would like to see the panel for the FB produced as well as the one for the Coupe. The Fan assembly complete with switch and harness would really put the icing on the cake.
Last, the deluxe seats for the 67 came with some stainless steel trim. I have seen the back and bottom panels being sold but one has to reuse the old ones. A new pair would make the interior stand out. I do hope I can one day see there items out there.

Thank You

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