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A prior owner was responsible for this scary wiring (Red Arrow), where the Convertible power lead was bolted directly to a fusible(?) link without the protective mount/insulator.

I am adding a Painless 70107 accesory relay harness so I can wire a couple things (around) the factory harness, and it (Green Arrow) has a 50amp breaker on the 12v feed wire.

I know that some convertibles use a similar (20amp) breaker instead of a fusible link..

Would I be OK to just move the Convertible power wire over to this breaker? I don't see how it could be any LESS safe than the way it has been wired up to now..

**I will only be using a couple of the 7 20amp circuits on the Painless 70107 box, so I am wodering if I should give the convertible to its own 20amp breaker, stick w the fusible link(fixing the terminal), or just tap in the new 'painless' breaker..

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