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67 A code Deluxe/Luxury trim 289 C4
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Hi Everyone!

Been waiting to make this post for quite a while. I have a 67 Coupe Deluxe that my grandmother purchased in 1969 from a little old lady in Pasadena (Not even kidding). This is also the first car my mom ever drove. Anyway, my grandmother gave it to me back in 97 when she quit driving, and it’s been sitting in my parent’s garage in Ca. until now. She passed away 4 years ago Nov 21, and it only seemed fitting I had this car shipped to NC from Ca last week To being my project. I’ve always wanted to restore this car, but with college, being active duty military for 4 years, and starting out a career; I was never in a place where I could start working in it. Finally at a point in life where I can.

So the engine is an A code, manufactured in San Jose, Body code 65B, the trim is 6A, with a C4 trans. I’ve looked high and low over the years, and have never seen a coupe with this interior (Aside from restores switching over to the deluxe or luxury package). You typically don’t see the overhead console with map lights on those though. I know this was a low production model, but it’s always had me wondering if this is the last deluxe coupe that’s completely original in existence. We’ll see as I begin the restore, but my understanding is everything is still completely original at least. I know my grandfather had the engine and trans rebuilt in the 80’s so maybe things were swapped out then, but my understanding is that it’s the same engine and trans. The body is in great shape, and was repainted about 8 years ago. There was surface rust on the body, so we had a quick and dirty paint job done to keep the rust from getting into the body. Overall though, this car’s going to need a lot of love. While I can think if it, this car does have factory AC, power steering, front power disk brakes, and the tilt & telescoping wheel. Oh, and I have the original owners manual too. All in all, it looks like a great canvas to start with. Can’t think of much else to add, but if there’s any questions, ask away.

Anyway, really looking forward to becoming more active on this forum.

So onto pics of the car!
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