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Hi guys,
I`m a newbee from Germany, 39 years old, not married and guess what my hobby is?
Lol....u got it, I spend all my money for fresh parts just like you. :lol:

I bought my 67`Coupe back in 2009 freshly imported from California (black plate).
A lot of things had to be repaired, some serious rust issues had to be treated etc......right now I`ve spend additional 20k$ to make it a reliable driver.
Kinda weird I know, but thats my only hobby u know. :drunkies:

Here are some pix when I got her (looked a bit too boring in my opinion):

Bench Seat :thumbsup:

.......3 month later with some modifications :}0

Right now I`m installing a 5.0 H.O. with GT-40 heads, bought the engine from Promar Engines in New Jersey..

Old engine`s been pulled:

Thats my new turbine:

Rear end has been swapped for a 3.40gears with Eaton True Trac, suspension is fresh all around.
Hopefully my C-4 can handle the 325HP / 373 ft/lbs....we`ll see. :p

Greetz from Europe,

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