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I’m posting this for a friend.

1967 Mustang Coupe. Needs restoration, but definitely NOT a rust bucket. Origianally a 6 cyl, it has been converted to an 8 cyl. 5 lug axles, 8 inch rear, 351. Drum brakes all around. Original in dash A/C car. No other options that I can tell. Most likely needs floor pans, but the frame rails
seem solid. The car is origianally from South Carolina, and has sat since coming to MA approximately 5-6 years ago. All body panels are original and in great shape. Driver fender will need a lower patch. Wheel lips as new, no evidence of any body work. The Interior is shot, will need a complete
overhaul, dash pad was brittle, and dash panels were junk, those are gone. Seat covers, head liner, carpet, etc... need replacement. Car had a Tach Dash in it, (the reason I bought it) which has been sold. I have a nice standard cluster to go with the car. Bench seat in front, C-4 transmission (currently in the trunk). Previous owner stated the 351 is supposed to have the good heads (69-70), but I have not verified this. I assumed the engine will need rebuild???. 4bbl carb. Car has a Turn signal hood with lights. There is a dent that looks like it can be popped back out, it looks like a basketball fell on it would be my best description, so rounded as apposed to sharp dent. Trunk lid has a crease and some rust along the lower lip. The Glass is all good except the windshield (has a crack), best to replace those anyway. The wheels are American Racing 5 spokes, will need clean up and repaint (ceters currently yellow...ugggh), but not dented up. Tires hold
air, and have decent tread, don't know how good they are, but they look decent. The car will require work to make it nice again, but I see this as a solid sheet of blank paper, for someone to build what they imagine. Build to stock, or go wild with it! $1500 obo Pics available. Located in western MA.

I have some pictures and info but contact member 6T8Sclone

Door tag is as Follows,


65C 6 4A 15V 22 2 W
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