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Trunk lid: In perfect condition. Just needs to be painted the color of your car. It is currently black with red stripes across the back. $175 plus S/H.

Trunk lock w/ key: Works perfectly and looks good. Ready to be installed. $22 plus S/H.

Windshield: In good condition except for too light but long scratches. Any good glass repair shop can easily remove them for not a whole lot of money. It is also “sun-shade” tinted across the top. $100 plus S/H.

Rear window: In perfect condition and would look good on any car. $115 plus S/H.

Door glass: Both left and right sides. In perfect condition and works great. $115 ea. plus S/H. Elevators and tracks are included.

Vent glass: Both left and right sides. In perfect condition and comes with all bracketry and tracks. $70 ea. plus S/H.

Rear quarter windows: Both right and left side. In good condition and works great. Elevators and tracks for sale also. Let me know if you are interested. $85 ea. plus S/H.

Seats: In beautiful condition. Black vinyl upholstery with no flaws. They would look great in any car. $140 ea (plus S/H). for front bucket and $180 (plus S/H) for the rear seat.

Headliner: Beautiful black vinyl headliner in perfect condition. Comes with everything necessary to install. Would look sharp in any car. $35 plus S/H

Dash pad: Black vinyl dash pad in good condition. Has a few small tears that would be hidden under the trim. Otherwise it is in great condition and is flawless.$75 plus S/H.

Door panels: Standard interior black vinyl door panels. In great condition. $70 for both, $40 for one. plus S/H.

Gas tank: Perfect condition works great. All parts are present and sold with the gas tank. $105 plus S/H.

Rear bumper: In good condition. Looks beautiful and the chrome really shines. Has a few small tiny rust spots that would come out with some elbow grease and chrome polish. Comes with all mounting bracketsfor an extra $10. $90 plus S/H.

Motor mounts: 289 motor mounts in ok condition. They work fine but aren’t the best looking. $20plus S/H.

Visors: Black vinyl and in great condition. Look perfect and work great. Come with all hardware to mount. $30 ea. plus S/H.

Pillar Pads: Black vinyl and in wonderful condition. Would look great in any car. $20 ea. plus S/H.

Heater switch w/ bezel: Works perfect but has some cosmetic blemishes. Includes everything. All I did was unscrew the bezel and disconnect the wires and cables. It is all there. I am sure that they work in fastbacks and convertibles too. $25 plus S/H.

Engine: 289 with Edelbrock Performer intake, high output 130A alternator(practically new), and performance plugs and plug wires(only on the car 11 miles before it was wrecked). The engine only had about 6000 miles on a rebuild. This does no include carb. I have a carter 750cfm electric choke carburetor that will fit this manifold nicely. $800 for the enigine and $65 for the carb if you buy the engine.

Carburetor: Carter 750cfm electric choke, works great. $110

Transmission: C4 automatic 3 speed. Approximately 4000 miles on rebuild which was done by Dallas Mustang in Dallas, Tx. $350

Rear end(axle): 8in., 2.73:1 gears which are good for highway cars and daily drivers because they help with gas mileage. Work great and comes with brake drums and hubs. $325

Taillight Assemblies: Everything needed to put in your car. Look good and has great looking bezels. Comes with bulbs and wiring harnesses. Lenses are in great shape. $45

Kick panels: Great looking black plastic. In perfect shape and would look good in any car. $15ea.

Door sill plates: Have some slight surface rust that could easily be polished off. I have polished things in worse condition than these that came out great. $10ea.

Rear corner: The end caps that bolt on the end of the fenders. In great shape and only need to be painted the color of your car. $35 ea.

Driveline: Good condition works great and comes with u-joints. $35

All parts come with a guarantee. If you recieve the parts and they are not as I described you will get a refund or partial refund if you wish to keep the part. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these parts. e-mail me at garr[email protected]
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