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After assembling much of my 67 fastback, I'm having a tough time with the door locks.

I didn't disassemble the door or the lock, but I haven't owned the car for too long, either.

After putting new rubber all around the car (door seals, window seals, etc) the doors don't seem to rattle.

But yesterday I locked the car up and couldn't get it back open. Even with the windows down, or using the door opener handle inside. The lock knob moves up and down, but simply doesn't allow the opening of the car door.

Finally, after jimmying with it for close to 30 minutes, it magically opened. I have NO idea how I did it -- sheer luck.

Both doors do the same thing, and I have yet to open the passenger door.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Just remember: write simply, as I am no mechanical engineer.

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If your '67 works anything like my '65 2+2 there are three control rods for the locks.

a. the outside pushbutton control rod.
b. the inside lever control rod.
e. the lock pushbutton control rod.

Each of these must be adjusted for correct operation of the lock. If you bend them during window rework, or door latch replacement, then you can get the symptoms you describe. Additionally if the replacement latch comes with plastic control rod ends, these are not stiff enough to work correctly. Get the original Ford type with steel and nylon construction. The steel acts as a distance limiter and the nylon acts to prevent freezing, and permanent lubricant for the junctions. Polystyrene plastic control rod ends are just junk parts. If you have them replace them. If your latch has a plastic or nylon roller in it check it for wear. If it wobbles a lot, then chances are its worn and needs to be replaced. When control rod is inserted in the bushing/roller it should not wobble. If you've replaced the door handle, remove it and check it for the following. Note how it operates, if the center plunger does not remain stiff and straight when the button is depressed it has less throw range than an original Ford door handle. To fix this problem with reproduction door handles, swap the old pushbuttons from your original door handles with the junk parts used on the reproduction door handles to correct a design deficiency with the reproduction part. If you've fixed these problems assuming you have them, then look in the door openings and watch how the control rods operate the latch. They should move the latch levers appropriately and properly. If they don't look for a bent rod. Note: the rods normally have one bend in them for adjustment (bending the bend more shortens the rod and unbending it extends the rod), getting the right amount of bend is trial and error (and practice with these helps to make adjustment easier).
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