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I am kinda at a loss here. I don't have any good 67 fenders laying around, and these fenders are 68 ones... so... I have to drill some holes in them for the "MUSTANG" and the running horse, plus the 289 badge at the front. I think the 289 holes are in pretty decent position, but I started putting in the MUSTANG and running pony, and it looked awful... oh, btw, the owner of this car bought the fender script and ponies and then who knows how he figured out where to drill teh holes... so, basically, it looks like he guessed... I dug into the body filler and found the old running horse holes, welded shut, but they didn't line up well with the running horse anyhow... so, I am in need of a way to get all these holes drilled correctly. if someone has made some sort of template, or tracing to line up the holes, I would be very greatful.


You do know that '67s had block lettering not script, right?

I could measure my letters but not sure of the holes. Someone out there must have a '67 fender with the holes exposed.
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