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67 front/rear bumpers

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What is the general opinion on repro bumpers? Also considered NOS bumpers but unable to find them. Have considered having mine rechromed but have not found a place as of yet. What would be a fair price for rechroming both? Any recommendations in the West Texas area for rechroming?

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I got Nordan bumpers from NPD. I was happy with the quality, although I do not have a 'show car,' just a driver. I could definitely feel the difference in weight between the original and the repro. I kept the original bumpers, just in case I want to rechrome in the future. I paid about $150 for the front and rear with a bolt kit (last year, plus tax). You should find similar deals in the mustang magazines.

Good Luck,

Got you covered my friend...Superior Chrome Plating in Houston, TX. is the best I have ever seen. In fact, they have another pile of my stuff over there right now. They charge 150 for a bumper or 175 if you dont have a core. They have show quality that rocks! They also have a cheaper driver quality that I feel is about the same as most other places and is cheaper. Go for the show quality, you'll be glad you did. I think they are on McCarty St. True, they are not the cheapest, but they have the best quality I have seen. good luck
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