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I am restoring a 67 GT 4spd 390 coupe. On the front fenders
in the space inside the stripe the letters "GT" are mounted. Is
that all there is on the sides of the fenders? No mustang letters, no emblem showing engine size? I need some help guys!!!!

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I haven't seen a '67 GT/GTA (pictures or car shows) with engine badges or MUSTANG letters. This doesn't imply those items couldn't be ordered and installed at a later date.

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Hey, I own the same car, see picture in signature, the GT letters are all there are on the fenders for a 4 speed car, besides the M-U-S-T-A-N-G and F-O-R-D on the trunklid and hood respectively.Got any further info on your car, I think they are an overlooked version of one of the early Mustang sleepers-the BB coupes..

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