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'67 leakdown test results

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Oh well here's the news.
Leak-down test
Right Side Left Side

Cylinder #Compression% Leakage Cylinder #Compression% Leakage
#4 150 48% Rings #8 145 12%
Clean spark plug Clean spark plug

#3 150 50% Rings #7 135 60% Exhaust
Oil on spark plug threads Oil on spark plug threads

#2 155 5% #6 140 20%
Heavy Oil on spark plug Oil on spark plug threads

#1 150 7% #5 130 70% Rings
Oil on spark plug threads Oil on spark plug threads

So that's the story. It looks like a rebuild is in my future. No cash in hand now so back in the garage it goes. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif sigh...........
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Mike, that sucks. Maybe you can find a good used short block and piece it together as cheap as possible, or maybe a cheap used engine to get you by until you can rebuild the other. Just a thought.

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Well my history shows that I don't do anything cheap. I'll wait until I can get it done right. Of course now comes the nasty thoughts of increasing performance /forums/images/icons/wink.gif, maybe change it into a 427......./forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Like they say all one needs is money. Got any????/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

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try using some restore in your engine oil......for now.

after about 500 miles......recheck your spark plugs and oil
intrusion should be reduced....

Restore is sold at any auto parts store Autozone or Kragen.

it is about 8-10 bucks for a v8

it works too.

lemme know when ya wanna pull that engine out......just make sure ya got an engine stand.....

We can get the cherry picker and pop the little SOB out...


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