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I am cleaning out some spare parts which I am hoping will go to those in need. I have been collecting for many years.
  • RUG N1 Toploader transmission (Close ratio) completely rebuilt by David Kee and never installed. This unit is correct for a 67 GT350 or 67 K-code Mustang but will obviously work for other years. Includes rebuilt shifter assembly by Bill Heeley w/very nice original chrome shift handle and reproduction 67 ball. $3800 plus shipping.
  • 67 Clutch/Brake pedal box assembly completely restored by Jim Cowles and never used. This unit is correct for power disc brake cars. $650 plus shipping.
  • 67 one year only clutch Z-Bar. $400 plus shipping.
  • 67 289 hipo correct 12 inch clutch fork in used condition. $150 plus shipping.
  • 67 289 Hipo Heads completely rebuilt and ready to be mounted. Dated 7E11 w/matching 21 stamped on each head. These heads were never ported or cut on as well. $3000/pair plus shipping.
  • 67 289 Shelby Intake manifold S7MS-9424A in excellent condition. $950 plus shipping.
  • 67 289 Hipo Distributor C5OE-12127E dated 7E16 in nice original condition. $950 plus shipping.
I can provide photos to those parts you may be interested in.
I can be reached directly at 716-628-1288 or email at: [email protected]
Thanks for looking - David

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Well welcome to the VMF with your very first post.
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