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I had installed new gt leaf springs on my 67. They were installed many years ago and the car has always sat in the garage in a perpetual state of restoration. Only 56 road miles. Now that the restoration end is in sight, and the car is at the paint and body shop, the rear of the car looks way too high, probably due to not tightening all the bolts with all the weight of the car on the tires.

The traction bars were installed with the ride height in this "high sitting" condition.

Question 1 is - Will the traction bars prevent the ride height from settling down when all bolts are loosened with the tires on the ground and the rear bounced up and down a few times?

Question 2 is - should the nuts on the axle u-bolts be loosened as well as the front and rear shackle bolts to aid the settling/bouncing the car up and down?
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