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67 question

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I talked to a guy the other day and he is wanting to his 1967 mustang. The prpblem all parts been stripped so the car can be painted. No big deal. All the parts are there. According to a friend who I trust. The car has kept garaged and need attention done to the engine. I guessing a rebuild job. ANd he said some heads. Alright. no big deal. I plan on making this my daily driver I have been told it had a 3 speed in it. If so what gears would I need to keep from having put a new transmission in. I really don't much on vintage mustangs but they look good. And I afraid of being taking advantage of. Please help!
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I'm assuming that it's a V8 because you said "heads". Is the rear end a 9" or 8"? If you build an engine with alot of power, you should have the 9". With a 3-speed tranny the highest I would go would be 3.55 if you don't plan much highway driving, but 3.25 would good for both highway and the street. Hopefully your friend labeled all the parts so you know what they are and where the go! Good luck.
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