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67 rear ride height?

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I just picked up a '67 vert. I had the car up on a lift and it looked fairly intact on saturday. On sunday I jacked up the rear end and the drivers side leaf spring was snapped completely in two at the front buckle.
Now to the question...
Obviously I need new rear leafs, and I am trying to figure out where new standard leafs will put the rear. Knowing people have different size tires, can anyone tell me how high the top of the lip of the wheel well is from the center of the wheels on their 'new' set up. (4 or 5 leaf, mid-eye, etc)
Thanx for the help.
I wanted to do the front first, now I am considering the real big kit. Which one and what options...
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I don't have my books to check but I believe the stock ride height is 26.5 inches floor to fender lip. If you do a search you can find more info.
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