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67 Strut rods on 65-66

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I haven't got one installed yet. It took way longer to get them off this afternoon than I expected. I do have some info. The 67 is definitely longer so some of the end of the rod will have to be cut off.

Also, the 65 strut bolts catch diagonal holes on the lower control arm. The 67 is dog legged and bolts to parallel holes in the control arm. My lower control arms are aftermarkets and have all 4 holes but I'm not sure if originals do or not. I'm not for sure on this but the 67 may also have larger bolts which would require larger holes.

Another issue is the bushings. It looks like the 67 bushings are wider apart with a metal sleeve in them. The strut rod runs through the inside of the sleeve. The earlier bushings are not like this at all. It is most likely that I will need to use my current bushings because the gap between the front and back bushing at the frame is not the same distance(hope this is clear as mud).

One final thing I noticed is that the threads on the 67 strut rod end about where the stop on the 65 rod does. It may have some more threads but I don't have them both down on the shop floor where I can compare. At best though it looks like the 67 strut will only give a few extra turns of the stop nut for more caster. It still may be worth it.

Assuming I get them installed and do my alignment I will post the before and after improvement.
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