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67 Undercarage

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Ok so I scraped & wire wheeled the front frame rails,radiator support & braces & painted them red oxide,I found much of the oxide red. The color of the orig.has much less orange in it than the new paint from M.U. I also disassembled & dropped the steering linkage to detail that also.The power stg slave cyl was leaking so I bought a new one (not rebuilt)from M.U. What color should that be? I have seen most of them inc. mine painted p/s blue. i am going to clean & paint the upper & lower control arms as best as possable without taking them out. I know the knucke is supposed to be natural and blueish from heat treating.Is there any paint or what is an acceptable color to finish these? Cast? They look like crap the way they are.The only other thing is the wheel house/front of floor in the fender well.Again my trusty body man coated this area with a light undercoat.I have seen some cars that were painted the color of the vehicle in there & others that were black.Thanx for your help...Bob
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While you're in there, make sure to check the 'pigs trough'. It is underneath the upper A-arm, and at the top of the frame rail. Mine was absolutely full of dirt, sand, rocks, grease, etc. There is a drain hole on the inboard part, that was totally plugged. Fortuantely, no rust whatsoever.

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here is a picture:

i painted the ends of my upper control arms with natural paint, but my lowers are actually natural steel with clearcoat to protect the metal.

the p/s slave cylinder should be natural, not painted. best thing to do is bead blast it and then use some steel wool or fine sandpaper to give a newer metal look. if it's pitted, fill the pits with putty and paint it with a natural color paint.

in the toeboard area, there should be a mixture of red-oxide, black from the wheelwell maybe a little exterior paint overspray and then on top of all that will be undercoating.

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