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My son recently reported problems with the '67. Specifically, after several hours of on-the-road driving, the car seems to overheat and lose power. We don't seem to have problems with jaunts around town. It's not the water level or the oil level, and seems related to electrical. Can the heat of 4 hours on the road be having an effect on the alternator? Other suggestions? Thanks.
(The car is a 1967, straight 6 200 cubic inches with no modifications to speak of, standard transmission. Recently rebuilt)

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eletric goods are always better when good wireing and low heat are involed i would inspect the coil with a old spark plug gaped to .25 and check anywires that invole the ignition i had problems before with my ignition but solved most with new coil,msd6a,ford racing wires and new points plugs, rotor, cap, and condener
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