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I have a 67 coupe with a 68 instrument cluster, no tach, no clock. The only thing that worked when I got it was the speedo. I fixed the hack install radio and center counsel wiring and now the cluster lights, turn indicators and odometer are working. The fuel gauge is just above the 1/4 tank mark when I start the car. The temp, pressure and alternator gauges do not seem to move.
If I have the radio on and I use the turn signals the radio will power off and back on. 4 way falser does not work.
I know I need to pull the cluster and continue to correct the wiring...I guess my question is how compatible is the 68 cluster to a 67? I know some of the gauges are in different locations. Does the 68 wiring need to be modified to correctly work with a 67?
Would it be easier to just hunt a 67 cluster down?
I like some of the new style Scot Drake but they come with a tach. Can I use this and wire the tach later?
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