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68 302 restoration->Basic questions

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I was wondering, what can be changed on the car, or maybe what shouldnt be changed to keep its origanality and value up. I know that the basics are keeping the numbers matching, but what about other things? Is there a site out there that goes over this? I wish to make my 68 302 look great, but I dont want to take away from its origanality. What about painting it? Is it ok if its the same color? Or just touch it up where it is chipping away? Please Advise....

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You need to state if your doing a complete restoration of the car and what you plan on doing with the car.
If you are restoring a car for driving purposes then changing some of the original items to make the car safer really won't hurt the value nor will doing some engine upgrading. Give a few more facts like body style, type of options, tranny type etc. and you get a few more responses.

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In a similar light to the earlier response it also depends on the car.

A high demand or rarer car that will be restored to a councours level is effected alot more in reference to changes for orginial compared to a fairly standard 68 coupe with a small block and 2V.

If the car has a very nice original paint you may not choose to change much but instead just clean everything well and keep it as an unrestored car. This effort is sometimes more difficult than owning a restored car IMHO.

In general keep the changes to items that can be unbolted/replaced and keep the original parts you take off

Good luck with the choice and the car

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