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For Sale or Trade

One original matched pair of Early 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifolds

Fit 68.5 CJ mustang / 68 GT500KR shelby / Cougar

Both have been blasted and coated High Temperature Cast Iron Grey

Drivers side: no cracks but front bolt mount is chipped off and although could be used as is or repaired reasonably.
Casting clear -C80E-9431-A Dated 3/18/68

Passenger side:perfect shape no cracks / damage
C80E-9428-A as with most on this side date code and engineering numbers were not clear like on PS but this thet was pulled from same engine.

No studs but threaded holes and flanges all look clean.

Asking :$1250 or trades for the following:

NOS 67/68 mustang FB rear window gasket
Exc Black 68 Dashpad
Complete or mostly complete 68 FE Power steering system 8C dated items
68 CJ snorkel
NOS 428 CJ Radiator Shroud
NOS Black 67/68 FB mustang headliner
EXC used or restored 68 woodgrain steering wheel
NOS PS battery inner apron
original 4-speed driveshaft
original 4-speed Radiator March dated 68 or close
NOS FB sill plates


50 Posts
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SOLD - Thanks
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