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I had intermittent brake lights ( would work if I really mashed them hard) and upon investigation of the switch I found that PO used a cotter pin in place of the real clip pin that goes there. With the switch out I test it to see if it works and it does. I steal a clip pin from my '70 and reinstall it, only to find that it does not appear to lock into place like my '70 and '71. Is this normal? My '71 seems to lock in "horizontally" for the lack of another term, and the one in the '68 can pivot down. I buy a new switch and install it and it also pivots, although now the brake light comes on as normal. The problem is that it "sticks" on unless I pull the pedal out with the toes of my left foot.
Whats wrong, and how do i fix this?
I have the switch installed correctly I think, with the opened tang to the right ot the pedal, This is how I put it on my '71 when I replaced it and it works fine.
Is there anywhere that sells these clip pins that is not an mail order or website? (store front chain) as I have to replace the one I got off my '70.
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