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This car was restored a few years back, but just suffered a complete interior fire. The car was a Driver and engine appears to be rebuilt but I have not heard it run yet, but that will be my first task. It is a J code 302-4V car, originaly a 4 speed but has an Automatic in it now. The clutch pedal assembly is still there. Power Steering, Power Top, Chrome Style Steel Rims, Deluxe Interior (extra crispy) it does appears all the Conv glass was rolled down and survived but I need to confirm.The Front frame rails, shock towers, rockers and rear frame rails are good and solid. I can see where they patched the floor pans in a few different spots. LH Door and bottom of RH rear quarter have some minor rust issues. The back half of the hood, back part of LH fender and Cowl were also damaged by the fire. If glass is good and engine seems fine asking price will be $9495.

I plan on putting a full interior in it and Relisting it for a lot more if I do not sell it soon. I am currently working on a 66 Fastback that will tie up my garage for at least another month. Car comes with California Salvage Title. It is a complete car that was being driven at the time of the fire. Key is even stuck in the ignition. I do not have pictures yet but will take them next weekend and will know drivetrain and conv glass status at that time.

Please send Email with the Subject Header saying "68 CONV PICTURES" so I can find you easily when Pics come available.

Please no Dreamers this car needs more than seat covers. The entire interior looks like a BBQ. The Carpet however is not too bad so I do not think there was any heat damage to the floor structure. It is a shame but it is a very restorable car. I think the top frame is probably OK but the top material itself is melted.

[email protected] 702-361-5502 eves before 10 PST
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