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68 convertible power top owner survey

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Where does your top wiring in the engine bay run? Down the export brace or along the main wire harness? Seen both styles and been told that both are "correct" by different sources. Wondering if varies by build date or assembly plant.

Info on build date, wiring routing and assembly plants apprecited. My San Jose car had it down the export brace. Looked pretty original to me, but who knows on a 40 year old car...
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Thanks guys. Very interesting info! I was informed by an MCA National judge that this is "incorrect" as "all" 67-68's had the wiring in the main harness... Looks like it changed in 68. Found the same as you all report in the 68 FAM and on mine so was looking for others to back up my belief my routing was factory.

One more detail of the restoration sorted!

Thanks for the info! ::
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