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68 convt unit-body repair

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I just got my 68 convt. It's 100% original, but needs alot of uni-body work. IE, inner rockers, front torques and one of the frame rails needs replaced. I have all the parts. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much this would cost. I've figured about 1500-2000. Is that close?
Also, how difficult is it to install disk brakes? I also have a 68 coupe with disk brakes that i want to put on the convt, is that possible?

Thanks for any info
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It's tough to find good frame guys.... Most of them are rebuilding wrecks for big $.... Occasionally you will run up on a guy that likes a good challenge and has a passion for old stuff. Probably looking at 100 hours @ $35.00 per hr. (rate around here).

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Jay, in our area (Harrington, DE) that job would cost a good $4500 to $5000. This is one of those cases where parts are less than 25% of the total bill.

If you do not have the time, tools, or where abouts to acquire knowledge this is not a good home project. Make a mistake here and live with it (sometimes unable too), redo the work, pay someone to undo damage, or sell the car. We have seen several folks get in over their heads and then sell, usually for a considerable loss because the car is in pieces.

Good Luck,
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