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68 Coupe to 69 Mustang custom conversion

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I am new to the forum. So please don’t kill my typing skills. Or photograph skills.! Lol! I am pleased to share a very special project to me! It is a 68 Mustang coupe that will be converted to a 69 Custom Fastback. I am attempting a tall build for my 15 year old Son! He has kept a toy 69 Fastback since he was 7 years old! So he challenged dear ol Dad to build him his dream car. I come from a long history of Car enthusiast,Body by fisher employee ,& 74 year old Vietnam Veteran! Not to mention Car restoration Father! Well anyhow here are a few pictures of our progress. We aren’t going for a Sema car. But a nice driver for a 16 year old. It will go threw a full body modification to a 69 Fastback. With a tasteful modern style drivetrain. Thanks for reading my post! Hope it’s something people will try in the future! I highly recommend any metal savvy fabricator to give it a try! Here is our 68 Coupe to 69 Fastback Conversion Build!
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No criticism at all :)
Im with Badbenz,
No criticism here.. Sure their will be skepticism from time to time. But me, I’m a can-do, when there’s a will there’s a way kinda guy.. You have a desire and a vision - make it so!!

As for the tail light panel, I also agree to keep it 68. Since you are “merging the two,” I would share the uniqueness of each trying not to go too far in one direction. But again, your vision so whatever direction I’m following. 👍

Widebody thoughts,, Me personally, VERY FEW cars especialy classic Mustangs, in my opinion look right when flared or have widebody “add-ons..” Some of it is the execution and part is due to just going too far from the basic/classic lines of the car. I love the look of fat/wide tires but I also prefer if you want wide you go into the car not out from it. More difficult to do but it keeps it clean and original vs race inspired (fast and furious) looking. As my wife would comment: “it is more timeless, not trendy..”
I actually “modified” all four corners on my 65 (well, my vision but someone else executed it 😜). All by stretching/gently shaping the actual fender/quarters. Extremely subtle, maybe an inch in the rear and 1/2 inch up front. Kind of a coke bottle look vs flare. It just flows but in a way many would not even notice. Kind of like you, I took my 65 and added in a little 67/68 roundness where mine was flat. It’s the subtle changes/customizations that do it for me. Again, just an opinion not criticism. And I would fully agree - “who cares what the cat down the street thinks!”

Mod on!
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I can’t assist on too many things Ford wise due to spending a lengthy portion of my bloody knuckle life on GM products. But I feel I may be able to assist with the above.
-Just a humble FYI: The piston and rods go on the other side of the hood…. 😜

Your first transformation is looking great! Keep us apprised with this Coupe
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