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68 Coupe to 69 Mustang custom conversion

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I am new to the forum. So please don’t kill my typing skills. Or photograph skills.! Lol! I am pleased to share a very special project to me! It is a 68 Mustang coupe that will be converted to a 69 Custom Fastback. I am attempting a tall build for my 15 year old Son! He has kept a toy 69 Fastback since he was 7 years old! So he challenged dear ol Dad to build him his dream car. I come from a long history of Car enthusiast,Body by fisher employee ,& 74 year old Vietnam Veteran! Not to mention Car restoration Father! Well anyhow here are a few pictures of our progress. We aren’t going for a Sema car. But a nice driver for a 16 year old. It will go threw a full body modification to a 69 Fastback. With a tasteful modern style drivetrain. Thanks for reading my post! Hope it’s something people will try in the future! I highly recommend any metal savvy fabricator to give it a try! Here is our 68 Coupe to 69 Fastback Conversion Build!
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I agree with @Master Hack I think it would look better with the 68 tail panel. If you switched it to the 69 then it would just look like you put 68 fenders on a 69, leaving the tail panel alone really makes it look like a mashup (in a good way).

I'm very interested to see the final product, I am sure it will look awesome and unique.
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