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68 disc brakes on a 65?

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After seeing the cost of the 65/66 calipers and the fact that the 4 pistons are more prone to leaking, I am considering changing my 65 V-8 spindles to 68 spindles. Will they fit and will I have to use a 68 tie rod end? Also, will my factory 14" styled steel wheels have any clearance problems with the 68 single piston caliper and disc? Are the disc diameters for 65 and 68 the same (10" or 11", I assume)?
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You will have to use the 68 outer tie rods as you already assumed on your 65.The rotors are the same diameter but the hubs are different I believe for 68-different bearings.Not sure your wheels will be ok or not, the 68 single piston caliper is a small one, not the larger style like the Granada, so you may be ok, can you try one on the 68 car before pulling parts?

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