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hi doug2stanger here
i see there is a drag link on ebay,
the guy says that a manual drag link
can be used to replace a former power
assisted steering. my question is if the
tie rod would be the same . also are there
any pitman arm issues here?

douglas rhine of nebraska
the man with the sad dog face

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Mustangs Unl shows the same part #'s for the tie-rods (inner
and outer) and adjusters for both ms and ps. The pitman
arm isn't an issue, but they list different #'s for ps/ms idlers.
They also sell a "Conversion Adapter" that converts ps to
ms without changing any other parts. Just remove the ps
control valve from the drag link and install the adapter.
Price: 159.95. I haven't used this adapter, but maybe someone
on this forum has. Hope this helps.

65 FB "J" 302 lots of mods. 94 GT K&N only.

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A long time ago in some Mustang magazine I read a question about why a power steering system would not center properly and the answer was that probably the wrong idler arm had been used. Thus I assume that even though they fit the same, p/s and manual idler arms are different. (I know that wasn't your question!!!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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