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68 Fastback resto mod's apply hear......

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Who all hear have 68 fastback restomod cars, done or projects? What have you done to your cars? Mine is a project so far. I have 17" billet 9.5 rear rims with G force tires, 17" billet 7" front rims with G force tires, a Granada 9" rear with 31 spline axles, a 3:70 geared posi, ECI big disk brakes on the front and rear, Rod and Custom Mustang II front suspension with a 90's quick ratio GT Mustang power rack, tubular a arms, AOD with a 351W, and all the Shelby fiberglass except the extended headlight buckets and the rear taillight panel.
Getting the fiberglass rear leaf springs next, sway bar for the rear, along with a tilt steering column. I hope to get my hands on that 351W Edelbrock fuel injection set up too. Oh when does the madnest end!!!
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Present and accounted for--here's my 1968 restomod fastback, an ongoing project that will be done in about a year:

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i saved a year.. bought the car ($500!).. saved another two years and now im where im at

if i was smart id quit school or quit the mustang

I have a 68 GT fastback restomod also and the only thing holding me back is $$$. I bought the car in pretty awesome shape last September. I don't have any pictures scanned yet, but I'll get that taken care of soon.
I'm running a Cleveland 4v with a toploader. It breathes through an Edelbrock performer manifold w/ a Holly 650. I just added an MSD ignition and coil...and it made quite a difference.
My future plans (near future hopefully) includ adding a Tremec TKO and 4:11 gears in the back. I've got a 9" but I don't know how it's geared. It's from a truck (5x5.5 bolt pattern), and it's got a clunk in the rearend, not to mention it's an open setup, so it needs rebuilt. That alone will cost approx. $1500.

Thr plans I've just described add up to a significant chunk 'o change, so I'm working it as fast as I can. I'll get pic's up soon.

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So far: Still disassembling and catalogging allt he crap that I brought home in the 15' moving truck...

Plans: Get rid of the 289, 351c, and 460/c6 in my garage... turn it into a 5.0 and Tremec...

Its got all the shelby scoops, decklid, and taillights.. I'll keep those...

I'd like to have the R&C front suspension... It's already got a 9" rear... I'll be puttin in a rollcage and some custom gauge setup for the interior, along with nice seats and 5 pt harnesses..

I plan on painting it dark green like THE NEW BULLITT... lots of pics.

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I sure wish I had the cash and time to get where you are. Right now I have 17x8 boyd coddingtons, high back buckets with headrests from who knows where. Powered by a 289 iron heads with major port work, Harland Sharp roller rockers, an edelbrock performer rpm intake, edelbrock 1406 carb, comp cams magnum cam very, very lopey. It currently has a T-10 four speed and a 4.11 trak lock 8 inch drum brake rear. The front has granada disks. The front will come down at least 1 more inch and the back will come down an inch. I will be getting a 3 inch cowl induction hood, shelby style decklid and endcaps. The car will be painted as dark and as gloss black as I can find with black tinted windows. The only chrome on the car will be the bumpers, handles, window and drip rail mouldings. All the emblems are removed. Now if I could just get what every mustang restorer needs Time and Money /forums/images/icons/wink.gif/forums/images/icons/wink.gif.

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Well, here goes...
Big toploader
Hydraulic TO bearing setup (in process of ordering)
9" w/ 3:50 TL
4 wheel disc
R&C Power rack kit with tubular a-arms
Custom frame rails out back (moved in 3")
FPA Tri_Y headers
8 point cage
68 Shelby style hood (on order)
Fiberglass decklid no spolier.
power windows, locks
Air Conditioning
And a bunch of other stuff that will make me crazy putting together.
I'm unsure on the wheels yet. But that will wait until spring (maybe, God willing)

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68 mustang fastback,shelby fiberglass,front on order,lentech aod,tilt,power lumbar seats,rollbar and shelby console.9 "370 traction loc.front and rear year comes the 331 stroker w/FI and on the list are rack and pinion and supercharger.
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